Purge & Pressurization; 513714

Purge & Pressurization; 513714

Pepperl+Fuchs Process Automation

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• NFPA 70, NFPA 496, ISA 12.4 standards

• Optional alarm output indicates air lock failure

• Type Y system certified for Class I and Class II, Division 1 to Division 2

• Type Z system certified for Class I and Class II, Division 2 to nonhazardous area

• Class I enclosure volume up to 2 ft3

• Class II enclosure volume up to 10 ft3



Model 11 is an enclosure pressurization or purging system that operates on a supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas. It regulates and monitors pressure within sealed (protected) enclosure(s), in order to prevent combustible dust accumulation or remove and prevent flammable gas or vapor accumulations. In Class II areas, the system maintains a "safe" (1.0") pressure. In Class I areas, the system accomplishes four air exchanges and maintains a "safe" (0.25") pressure. These processes reduce the hazardous (classified) area rating within the enclosure(s), in accordance with the NEC - NFPA 70, Article 500, NFPA 496 and ISA 12.4.

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