5500-MAN-CDUL-24VDC, 5500 series manifold

5500-MAN-CDUL-24VDC, 5500 series manifold

Mfr.: Pepperl+Fuchs Process Automation

Mfr. Model #: 5500-MAN-CDUL-24VDC

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5500 series manifold 5500-MAN-CDUL-24VDC

  • Suitable for Class I, II/Div. 2 for hazardous locations
  • Certified for UL CSA
  • Manifold combines the solenoid valve for purging and needle valve for pressurization in one housing
  • Suitable for steel or plastic tubing
  • Mounting hardware, pneumatic fittings and tubing included

5500 series manifold, UL and CSA certified, 24 V DC

The 5500-MAN-CDUL-* combines a solenoid valve for purging and a needle valve for pressurization in one manifold design. When the valve is energized, the solenoid valve opens and allows for a high flow rate of protective gas into the enclosure. When the valve is deenergized, the flow through the internal needle valve is adjustable by using the included Hex key. The solenoid valve is used for purging, leakage compensation, and temperature control by signals from user defined points on the 5500 control unit. Mounting hardware includes 3/8" tube compression fittings mounted on the manifold for input and output flow, 3/8" tube compression bulkhead fitting for getting flow into the enclosure and certified sealing washers with bolts to mount the manifold to the enclosure. Also included is 1 meter of 3/8" poly tubing with 3/8" poly tube stiffener inserts which allows the connection of plastic tubing to compression fittings without collapsing the tubing. For NEC, ATEX and IECEx applications see the model number key for proper manifold selection. The 5500 valve system works with the 5500 control unit and EPV-5500 vents. The 5500 system has UL certification for Class/Division installation.

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