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HiC2065 Voltage Repeater

Mfr.: Pepperl+Fuchs Process Automation

Mfr. Model #: HiC2065

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Voltage Repeater HiC2065

  • 1-channel isolated barrier
  • 24 V DC supply (bus powered)
  • Voltage input 0 mV ... ± 50 mV
  • Voltage output 0 mV ... ± 50 mV
  • Selectable up/downscale sensor breakage detection
  • Fault output signal

This isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications. It transfers low voltage signals from thermocouples, load cells, strain gauges, operational amplifiers, and inductive oscillation sensors located in hazardous areas to safe areas.

The input voltage of the terminals 5a and 5b is transferred to the terminals 7a and 8a.

The input, output, and power supply are galvanically isolated from each other. Upscale or downscale lead breakage monitoring is selectable via switches located on the front panel of the device.

Note: This unit requires three minutes after power-up to reach the accuracy cited in the technical data.

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